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One question that pops up often in our Facebook group is “Which restaurants are dog friendly?” Though this topic is a bit divisive—some people don’t want to dine with animals around them—there actually are a number of restaurants in Marathon, Florida where they welcome you and your four legged dining companions. They’ll give your pooch a bowl of water with water bones in it (ice cubes, but the name is cute) and some will even provide a treat for your well behaved doggo. The key to this being successful is having an understanding staff, a well behaved dog, and, of course, a respectful dog owner.

Something to note here is that, no matter what a restaurant’s stance on welcoming dogs is, service dogs—that is, dogs that have been trained to perform a specific task for their disabled handlers and should not be pet or interfered with—are given public access rights per the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). Businesses are allowed to ask two questions that the handlers must answer: “Is this a service dog required for your disability?” and “what task(s) is it trained to do?” Emotional support dogs and/or therapy dogs are not afforded the same access as service dogs. Dogs should never be placed or seated on tables and should be leashed and under control at all times. For more information and clarification refer to this article.

With the fine print out of the way, if you’re here with your pup and want to enjoy a meal with the whole family, doggo included, here is a list of restaurants and their areas that welcome you and your furry friends.

If you’re a local restaurant or bar owner and you’d like your dog friendly establishment added to this list just email us at and let us know.

7 Mile Grill

(Front patio seating)

1240 Overseas Highway

Brutus Seafood

(Side patio seating)

6950 Overseas Highway

Burdines Waterfront

1200 Oceanview Avenue

Castaway Restaurant

(Front tiki bar)

1406 Oceanview Avenue

Causeway Pizza

(Side patio seating)

301 Sadowski Causeway

Cracked Conch Cafe

(Back patio)

4999 Overseas Highway

Driftwood Pizza Pasta & Subs

(Tables out front)

10875 Overseas Highway

Fish Tales Fish Market & Eatery

(Outside patio)

11711 Overseas Highway

Havana Jack’s

(Outside couches, bar)

401 East Ocean Drive

Hurricane Grill

(Back porch)

4650 Overseas Highway

Keys Fisheries


3502 Louisa Street

Marathon Bagel Company

(Front outside tables)

11090 Overseas Highway

Overseas Pub & Grill

(Outside bar and tables)

3574 Overseas Highway

Porky’s Bayside Restaurant & Marina

1410 Overseas Highway

Sparky’s Landing

(Side patio)

13201 Overseas Highway

Stuffed Pig

(Back patio)

3520 Overseas Highway

Sunset Grille & Raw Bar


7 Knights Key Blvd.

Triton Seafood

(Front patio)

11399 Overseas Highway

Tropical Cottages

(Cottages, Tiki Bar area)

243 61st Street