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Hey guys! This is Capt. Doug from the charter boat “Hooked Up II” to give you a fishing report from Marathon, Florida!

Over the last week fishing has been consistent in almost all our fisheries from offshore to reef and even the bay. This left it up to you as to what you’re willing to tolerate in terms of rockiness of the boat. One of my clients wanted blackfin tuna and didn’t mind the rough seas. We were able to put about 12 tuna in the boat by noon then released the rest of the fish to grow and reproduce. Now, running offshore to the humps is great fishing but there’re plenty of other opportunities that don’t require burning 60-100 gallons of fuel. The reef fishing is often overlooked. Don’t be fooled, there are tons of yellowtail on the reef. The size of the fish you want can generally be controlled by the depth of water you are fishing in. The deeper water produces larger fish, but along with the larger fish come the sharks too. So it’s a fine balance between big yellowtail and big sharks. Once the sharks move in on your chum slick it’s time to find a new spot. In the last week sharks have been a huge problem eating most of our fish.

“The deeper water produces larger fish, but along with the larger fish come the sharks too.”

Sure it’s fun to catch a few, but doing it all day can get old quick. Hawk’s channel has been putting fat mutton snapper up to 16lbs in the boat. Locate the structure then anchor the boat up current of the structure allowing the chum to drift back over the spot. This will bring the large fish up to the surface. Been catching big kingfish, Spanish mackerel, and mutton snapper along with sharks in these areas. The bay has been great for cobia lately. These fish are sitting on structure in the bay. Plenty of other species like large bull redfish, mangrove snapper, mackerel, jacks, blue runners, and blue fish, just to name a few, are being caught back in the bay right now. Watch the cold fronts. The bull reds tend to be caught during the cold front and the cobia a day or two after the cold front. Any fishery you choose should be productive for you right now. I know they have all been great for me the last week.

Tight lines, everyone!

Capt. Doug Kelley

Captain Doug Kelley runs Captain Doug Kelley Florida Keys Fishing Charters. For your next big Florida Keys Fishing adventure, you can visit their website or check them out on Facebook.